Deodato Cap Sample Pages and Some Plugs

Deathmatch #4 came out. Did you get your copy?

Also, on June 19th, Outlaw Territory Vol. 3 comes out from Image. It’s an awesome western anthology and I was fortunate enough to color one of short stories (a few pages of which I posted here a while back) with words by Jonathan Callan and art by Alison Sampson. And we’re not the only reasons to pick it up. Lots of great stories by great people.

Finally, what you came to see, a couple of new samples I colored up over Captain America pages by Mike Deodato, Jr.



Stumptown Sample Pages

More new samples for your viewing pleasure: pages I colored for my portfolio of Matthew Southworth‘s work on Stumptown vol. 2. Which is an amazing book if you haven’t read it. Greg Rucka always writes a mean crime comic. And Rico Renzi‘s colors ain’t too shabby either.


Dan Panosian Sample Page

In celebration of wrapping up colors on Deathmatch #4, I’m coming up for air and posting some sample pages I did a little while ago.  Done for practice, not profit, etc.

This one’s by Dan Panosian from a Euro graphic novel of some sort. I don’t know the specifics, as I bummed it from DA. Enjoy!


Some Sketches

A handful of sketches I did in advance of my signing this Wednesday at Heroes Your Mom Threw Out in Elmira, NY for store owner Jared Aiosa. Thanks for inviting me down! Feel free to contact me if you’d like one of your own.

spiderman twoface mysterio nickfury

Deathmatch Signing in Elmira, NY


The flyer should say it all. I’m doing a signing this coming Wednesday, January 9th, in Elmira, NY at Heroes Your Mom Threw Out from 4-7. I was a guest at a recent con they helped put together in Elmira in October and I am thrilled to be going back. The show had a amazing turnout and I’m hoping at least a fraction of those wonderful people will show up for little old me.

The first 15 people to show up will get a free pencil head sketch by me of any character they so choose.

If you want to arrange a more complete commission to pick up at the signing, feel free to send me an email at for my rates on such things.



Extermination and Deathmatch from Boom!

Man, that’s a violent headline.

So merry pre-Christmas and/or other seasonal celebration to you all. I know I’m not done with my shopping yet.

Wanted to give you all a heads up that Boom!’s Deathmatch #1 by Paul Jenkins and Carlos Magno, with colors by me, comes out next week – Dec. 26th. It’s one of only a handful of books that will be in shops the day after X-mas. So if you’re looking to spend that sweet cash from Grandma, pick up a copy. I’d be eternally grateful.

Also, poor showman that I am, I forgot to mention that Extermination #7, the penultimate chapter, came out last week. So as a holiday treat, here are the unlettered versions of the 5-pg preview you can see over at CBR.

Extermination_colors_07_01 Extermination_colors_07_02 Extermination_colors_07_03 Extermination_colors_07_04Extermination_colors_07_05

Extermination #6

Extermination #6 showed up in your local comic book store or digi-comic storefront this past Wednesday. You should check it out. Si Spurrier, V Ken Marion and myself firing on most, if not all, cylinders.

Preview at ifanboy.