Walking Dead Piece for River Road Expo

Lat notice, I know, but I wanted to post this piece of Walking Dead art I did. I drew this awhile back but only just got around to coloring it after finally catching up on the s3 finale last week. And then my brother, Scott Garland, came in to pinch hit on the text. He’s got mad skills if you’re in the market for a graphic designer.

I’ll have a few prints of this at River Road Expo tomorrow. So come on down, say hi, and pick up a copy!



Real quick sketch of everyone’s favorite skull-faced, Moonknight-lookin’, impractical-outfit-for-a-trainer-of-super-villains bad guy: Taskmaster! Done for the weekly sketch group over at Penciljack.com

Master of Tasks


Trying to work on some personal shit while awaiting some pages. Instead, I drew the Hulk. I thought it encapsulated my feelings pretty well. Create from the heart, they say.

Hulk Smash