Busy Busy Busy

A quick update, as I seem to be forever drowning in an ocean of deadlines. For more up to date interaction, like my Facebook page at facebook.com/MichaelGarlandColors

You can currently find my colors gracing the pages of :

All-New Wolverine

#11-present. With Tom Taylor, Ig Guara, Nik Virella, Djibril Morissette-Phan, Leonard Kirk.

The Mighty Captain Marvel

With Margarat Stohl, Ramon Rosanas

Rocket (May 2017)

With Al Ewing, Adam Gorham

The Black Monday Murders, vol. 1

With Jonathan Hickman, Tomm Coker, Rus Wooton

Curse Words

#2-present. With Charles Soule, Ryan Browne

Moon Knight

#5-9. With Jeff Lemire and Wilfredo Torres.

Rocket and Groot

#8-10. With Nick Kocher and Michael Walsh.


The Last Stand of Robocop: The Last Stand

The first of several catch up posts. Yesterday, Robocop: The Last Stand #8 came out from Boom. Wrapping up the series, as well as my tenure coloring Detroit’s greatest hero not named Pavel Datsyuk. The book was a ton of fun. Sad to see it ending. But on to new and awesomer things!

Here’s some preview art for issues 6-8, which I had neglected to post for your viewing pleasure.

Issue 6

Issue 7

Issue 8

Chris Samnee Captain America

Oh, I also did this Chris Samnee Cap page for PnP (I’m coining that by the way) last week. Tried for something a bit more painterly with Chris stuff than he’s usually colored. I think it’s fairly successful, although seeing Matt Wilson’s gorgeous work over Chris in the Superman story that just came out, maybe I was wrong. You decide!

Matteo Scalera Sketches

I’ve been keeping busy between deadlines by messing around with these Matteo Scalera sketches I cribbed from his DA page. These were around 45-1hr each. All for practice and fun.

Matteo’s stuff is amazing, btw. If you’re not a fan, become one!

Stumptown Sample Pages

More new samples for your viewing pleasure: pages I colored for my portfolio of Matthew Southworth‘s work on Stumptown vol. 2. Which is an amazing book if you haven’t read it. Greg Rucka always writes a mean crime comic. And Rico Renzi‘s colors ain’t too shabby either.


Dan Panosian Sample Page

In celebration of wrapping up colors on Deathmatch #4, I’m coming up for air and posting some sample pages I did a little while ago.  Done for practice, not profit, etc.

This one’s by Dan Panosian from a Euro graphic novel of some sort. I don’t know the specifics, as I bummed it from DA. Enjoy!


Extermination and Deathmatch from Boom!

Man, that’s a violent headline.

So merry pre-Christmas and/or other seasonal celebration to you all. I know I’m not done with my shopping yet.

Wanted to give you all a heads up that Boom!’s Deathmatch #1 by Paul Jenkins and Carlos Magno, with colors by me, comes out next week – Dec. 26th. It’s one of only a handful of books that will be in shops the day after X-mas. So if you’re looking to spend that sweet cash from Grandma, pick up a copy. I’d be eternally grateful.

Also, poor showman that I am, I forgot to mention that Extermination #7, the penultimate chapter, came out last week. So as a holiday treat, here are the unlettered versions of the 5-pg preview you can see over at CBR.

Extermination_colors_07_01 Extermination_colors_07_02 Extermination_colors_07_03 Extermination_colors_07_04Extermination_colors_07_05