THE DYING AND THE DEAD out February 28th plus Elmira store signing!

I’m also thrilled to be reuniting with my Secret cohorts Jonathan Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim for The Dying and the Dead! The first issue comes out this coming Wednesday and is a monterous 60 pgs for the low, low price of only 4.50. That’s basically 3 issues for a little more than the price of your copy of Batman. And besides, Batman really doesn’t need your money. He’s a billionaire.

Here’s an interview with Hickman over at Newsarama and a great write up over at Comics Alliance discussing the series, along with some art to get you in the mood.

I will also be appearing at Heroes Your Mom Threw Out comic shop in Elmira, NY on Saturday the 31st with Ryan Bodenheim to sign copies and draw some sketches. I know it means venturing out into the sun – or in the case of Upstate NY in January, the gray – but we would love to hang out with all of you and decrease the value of your comic by smearing sharpie all over it.

dnd5 dnd6 dnd7 dnd1 dnd2 dnd3

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