Extermination #5 in Stores Today! Plus Convention This Saturday! Things! Happening!

Extermination #5 from Boom! Studios came out today. If you take a gander at the credits you’ll see my name there.

Comic Book Resources Preview is up here!

Written by Simon Spurrier (of the upcoming X-Men: Legacy) and drawn by V. Ken Marion, and colored by me. Its the first issue of a brand new arc. Check ‘er out. I imagine a trade of the first four issues should be forthcoming relatively soon if you missed out the first time. But…. you might as well get issue 5 in the mean time.

And I’ll have copies of the book for sale, as well as copies of Secret, at Hero Bot Con in Elmira, NY this Saturday. If you’re going to be in the neighborhood, stop on by. Marc Silvestri, Matt Hawkins, Ron Marz, and Roger Stern are among the many awesome guests there. It’s definitely worth your time.

See you there!

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