San Diego and Some Samples

Getting ready for Comic-Con weekend. So much to do. Future reference: moving to the opposite coast a week before the world’s biggest comic book convention may not have been the best plan. Still haven’t done anything but scan over the panel schedule and try to sort out the portfolio review stuff. And I’d really like to make it over to Trickster if at all possible, but we’ll see if I have the stamina for it.

My name will be on my badge, so again, feel free to stop and say hi if you see me. If my eyes are bloodshot and glazed over, do not fear. I won’t be hopped up on Bath Salts. It’s just that old San Diego fever.

In the mean time, I’ve been trying to build up the portfolio. In addition to Secret stuff, and some other random things, I’ve put together these three pages as samples of Blair Butler and Kevin Mellon’s Image book, Heart. (As usual, these were done for practice, not profit. I have no affiliation with the actual book – which was in black and white, anyway.)

And here they are:

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