The Secret’s Out on April 11

Another pun. How very me. I swear, my sense of humor is far better than that in real life. In my defense, it seems every article about this series seems equally obsessed with cheap wordplay. So screw it.

Big, big, big, big news on my front. I’m coloring Secret, the new ongoing Image series by writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Ryan Bodenheim. The same team I collaborated with — assuming you have a very loose definition of collaboration — on an issue of Red Mass for Mars. It’s shaping up to be a killer series. Wait, does that count as another pun? Shit, I did it again. Jonathan is in my top handful of writers in this biz, and Ryan constantly blows me away with his art. It feels lame to say it’s an honor, but it really is. So buy this book! April 11 in comic stores nationwide! And maybe on comixology. But don’t quote me on that. Well, I suppose you can quote “maybe on comixology.” That’s pretty noncommittal after all.

Check out the trailer for the series here on CBR:

Secret Trailer

And here’s an interview with Mr. Hickman over at Newsarama, complete with a 5 page preview of the first issue.

Go. Read. Here’s a look at the art. Assuming I’m allowed to post them. It does say exclusive on the site. So we’ll see if I get sued. More awesome covers for issues 2 and 3 at the link.

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