Come on Down to Ithacon! Free balloons for the kids! (Not really.)

On Saturday, February 4th I will be attending Ithacon, a small comic book show in the Women’s Community Building in Ithaca, NY.

Website! Address! Guest list! :

I’ll be there. Behind a foldout table. Covered with a blue table cloth (the table, not me). Hoping… wishing… dreaming… that you might stop in and say hello. I’ll also be sketching. Don’t worry, I come cheap!

I’ll be sharing a table with my frequent friend and occasional collaborator Warren Greenwood! And my also friend but not collaborator Jon Haeffner!

Also there will be my friend in the Facebook sense of the word Mike Raicht, who is a great comics writer and really cool dude. And apparently some guy who was a Klingon in DS9 will be there. So that’s pretty sweet.

In addition to the fun, it’ll also be a bit of a sad day. This is going to be the last Ithacon to take place at the WCB. Apparently it’s going to be torn down. I’ve been going to Ithacon, as a fan save the last few shows where I’ve gotten myself a fancy table, since I was a lowly undergrad at Ithaca College. I met Warren there in fact, while hanging out with my friend Jon. I believe we were talking about the Tick, and Warren piped up: “Oh, yeah, I worked on that.” My still-in-my-teens mind was blown. And lo, a friendship was born.

It will also be my last Ithacon for the foreseeable future. As I am planning to finally make the big jump to LA this summer. Where, as I’ve said elsewhere on this website, all of my dreams will come true. Though if I’m ever back in the Upstate in either February or September, you can bet I will find my way down there, to wherever it’s new home may be.

So let’s send the old girl off in style!!! Hope to see you there. Although, since I’m blindly talking to the internet, you will have to introduce yourself. Cause I won’t recognize you.

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