The Worst Thing I Have Ever Seen. Ever.

Yes, that’s hyperbolic. And, yes, I realize this is an art blog, and not the place for politics. But, hey. I’m the lord of this here castle. Deal with it.

This is flavor-of-the-day Republican “front-runner” Herman Cain on Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell from a few weeks back. Watch them. I’ll wait.

Part 1

Part 2

Now, I am a liberal (a liberal artist? Who’d a thunk it?) and I think everything that comes out of Cain’s mouth is either wrong, idiotic, or callus. Much like all the Republican nominees save Ron Paul, a valid, respectable voice who should totally be in Congress and who I never ever ever ever want to get elected president. We need an FDA, Ron. I’m sorry. But we do.

Anyway… that being said, my problem with this interview is with O’Donnell. This is disgusting journalism. Rather than debate or correct Cain on the bullshit of his politics, you can see him salivating, waiting for his chance to talk, so he can accuse him of draft dodging and hating black people.

This is pathetic, MSNBC. Pathetic. I know Rush, Sean and Glen get a lot of ratings for pandering, lying, and being general bags of nuts, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN DO IT TOO! Look. I get it. The media landscape is an endless din of echoing voices. And that the only way to be heard is to shout the loudest and say the stupidest shit possible (hence the title of this post) but don’t stoop to their level. You’re better than that. If you keep this up, Cronkite’s gonna come back to haunt all of you. Literally, Marley-style, not metaphorically. He already does this, from beyond the grave of Quotes sites. (The lazy man’s Cliff Notes, being themselves, the lazy man’s library.)

Christ. I’m 24. I’ve barely been paying attention to politics for half a decade. I’m not supposed to be this disillusioned already, am I? It gets harder and harder to shake the notion that each and every politician and pundit, on both sides of the aisle, got paid off ages ago and are playing one giant, expertly and intricately choreographed prank on all of us.

Fuck, internet. Now you’ve gone and made me sad. Leave me alone so I can cry myself to sleep in peace.

One last thing, though. For those looking for some political refreshment, check out Dan Carlin’s fantastic podcast, Common Sense, at I can’t recommend it highly enough. And while you’re there, check out the equally amazing Hardcore History. The only disappointing thing about them is that they aren’t on 5 nights a week. Speaking of which, someone out there with a TV network get this man a show right now. Now, I said! Now! You know… for all you media-conglomerate-owning members of my readership.

Signing off,

(not that)McG

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