Singularity Rising

A Greek psychedelic prog band? Nope. A lost 90s Sci-Fi channel (pre-Syfy as its known) drama in the vein of Farscape? Nope.

I’ve been reading Ray Kurzweil’s book The Singularity is Near. Absolutely fascinating. Too lazy to read? Watch this:

Basically the future’s gonna be so bright we gotta wear shades. Technology is going to progress so rapidly that in a far shorter a period of time that everyone seems willing to acknowledge, we are going to live forever, have computers in our brains and everywhere around us, and become infinitely smarter that the present limit of human consciousness. The point, roughly 50 years from now — in my lifetime, knock on wood — at which mankind becomes indistinguishable from his technology. Sign me up for some of that.

This is basically Alan Moore’s Apocalypse from Promethea, probably my favorite of his work. JH Williams’s jaw-dropping art gives it the edge. He calls it “a waking up” and describes humanity as water about to boil — turning from a liquid state to a vapor state.

Still. I’m skeptical to some degree. This will exposited on in a later, much longer post, I am certain, but I think the economy, the end of oil, and the general resistance of a majority of the population — especially those in charge and reaping all the profits — to this kind of change will throw plenty of wrenches into Spaceley’s sprockets.

That being said. The internet has a tendency to blow my mind every fifteen seconds these days. And so, I present the first in a series of links, which I call: THE FUTURE IS NOW. Subtitled: MY MIND, IT IS BLOWN.

This week’s theme is LEDs.

LED Contact Lenses: Computer screens in your eyes.

LED Coat: Computer screens in your clothes

Imagine the possibilities. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

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