Dusting Off the Old Tablet

Finally bought a new workhorse computer after my desktop died. I’d been surviving on a netbook, but its not exactly ideal for the old digi-painting. Getting myself back up to speed by coloring this image by my friend and frequent collaborator Warren Greenwood. They are Grasshopper and Cricket. Which he’s trying to get off the ground as a graphic novel.

Took a bit of a painterly approach with this, as it reminded me of a portrait and/or landscape. Although, admittedly, its always a struggle for me to not over=render Warren’s work. He’s a lifelong animator, with credits that read like a Who’s Who of my childhood. And that’s very clear in his linework. But I can’t help but get into it, because he’s much like a mentor to me, and I want his work to look the best it can look.

Check his website out here: warrengreenwood.com

Check out the colors right here:

Grasshopper and Cricket colors

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